“The dichotomy of dark and light are but a necessity as one can not exist without the other. Much like entangled atoms, what you do to one atom, the opposite is done to the other. Proteu5 is a blend of traditional medium featuring works both Dark and Light. There is no good or evil, just choices and their consequences."

-Proteu5 "8°=3°"


Growing up studying art may have played a factor in the creation of Proteu5 of today. Maybe, it was the freedom of creativity and expression learned in the many classes during school years. Yet, why not could it have been the years spent studying Hermetics through youth.


Since all mind is one mind (Charles F. Haanel -Master Key System), then all art is one art. That which I'm refering to is one conscience mind, "All Mind", that in it exists the Aether and in it, its artwork. When inspiration is drawn on the mind, the subconscious takes over, it is then that the subconscience is intertwined with the "All Mind." The Mind seeks expression through us, through the arts, music, writing, dance and more. The work of Proteu5 is but the work of the Mind in its microcosm. "Seek and you shall find."