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Proteu5's latest work, a remastered piece soon to be minted as an NFT, Edition 1 of 1, available for purchase.

The Boss, Coming Soon

"The Boss - Remastered" The Story

Max hesitated briefly before taking his seat. His predecessor stood above the chair with a stern yet welcoming gaze. It was Max's turn to take the chair and all that it symbolized. As he approached the seat he couldn't help but place his hand on arm. They say when you die your life flashes before your eyes. Well, when his hand touched the chair every business dealing that he witnessed his predecessor partake in and deny flashed before his eyes. The seat took on a whole new meaning. Every shot of whiskey, humble thank you, and promise made took on a whole new meaning in Max. With the good came the ugly, however, it wasn't so bad when your perspective was from the inside. He recalled every stern gaze, head nod, and cut throat gesture made from this very seat.

Max removed his hand from the chair. His predecessor opened a box and presented him with open palm, a gold ring. The same gold ring that his people had bowed before and kissed themselves. The gold ring passed down from his grandfather. It was a symbol of power, security, trust, loyalty, and faith in the unspoken law. It was his now and all that it symbolized, much like the seat he was about to take.

Never before had he done this, it seemed foreign to him, but it was time. With a reassuring head nod from his predecessor, Max turned his back on him ever so slowly and with due fear, rightfully so too. He took his place in the seat and felt the soft material caress his body. He was uncomfortable at first but soon found his footing. He found his confidence and pride in himself and his family that backed him. As he lefties his leg, his predecessor placed his right hand upon his shoulder as they both gazed out at the double oak doors that extended from floor to ceiling. It was time to let the first one in and hear their request.

Max's family member opened the doors and let in Jonah, who's family had just been robbed at gunpoint in their own home. It was time for him and his family to pledge their loyalty to Max and his family in exchange for protection and if he saw fit, retribution done by a simple gesture of his hand. Max extended his hand with his ring for the first time. He did so just like his predecessor. Hesitantly and quickly, Jonah dropped to his knees, bowed, and placed a small kiss upon the gold ring on Max's hand, he waited for Max to signal him to stand up...


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